About Gastric Balloon

In addition to the surgical methods for treatment of obesity, there are many options for patients with weight problems. Among these options, the gastric balloon reduces the risks of surgery, especially for patients with morbid obesity. It is one of the most common non-surgical methods in the field of obesity in recent years.

Therefore, the gastric balloon became a hope for obesity patients with excessive weight.

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Candidates for Gastric Balloon Operation

Many people suffer from obesity and wish to have a gastric balloon operation, but the gastric balloon operation does not fit everybody. Candidates for the procedure are listed below:

1. A person who suffers from obesity and excess fat blocks.

2. The fat mass index should range from 30 kg to 35 kg in the person who will undergo a gastric balloon operation.

3. The person must be free of diseases that would hinder the gastric balloon operation, such as gastritis or stomach ulcers.

4. The person who is due to undergo a gastric balloon operation must be older than 18 years old.

5. People who have not undergone any sort of gastric or esophageal operations.

Techniques of Gastric Ballon

The gastric balloon procedure is based on several types of medical balloons that are inserted into the stomach through the mouth, but they differ in terms of the filling material, which may be saline solution or hydrogen gas,They also differ in terms of the duration of stay in the stomach and the rate of weight loss resulting from it. The most prominent types of gastric balloon used in the operation are the following:

o Richep Balloon

o Orbera balloon

o OBALON capsules

How Long Does The Gastric Balloon Stay In Stomach?

Gastric balloons have many types. These are 3-months, 6-months, and 1-year balloons and swallowable balloons. In this respect, we decide in pre-interview on which type of balloon is suitable for you in terms of patient compliance and to ensure required weight loss.

We are able to administer all of these balloon types. Our purpose is to ensure that you have the healthy body you have dreamed of, free from the extra weight.