What is Gastric Sleeve Operation

Gastric Sleeve surgery is technically the procedure to remove the large part of the stomach that functions as storage. Thus, normally a stomach with a volume of 1.5-2 liters turns into a thin tube, roughly 50-100 ml (approximately a large banana).

In other words, it is the process of removing a large part of the stomach by preserving a tube-shaped part of it. That will ensure the continuity of the stomach with the esophagus and intestine through a laparoscopic operation

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● The age of the patient should be between 18-65 years.
● BMI over 35.

What is The Procedure

This kind of gastric sleeve Turkey surgery takes about an hour to finish. For executing this operation, our surgeon will make a few small incisions on your belly and put a laparoscope inside.

A laparoscope is a very small camera made for these kinds of interventions. The laparoscope sends the visual to a monitor, and our doctor can operate this tool this way. Along with the laparoscope, our doctor will utilise a few other instruments through these incisions. During the operation, our surgeon will remove approximately 75% of your stomach. Then he will reconnect the remaining stomach close. After the operation stomach looks like a banana-shaped sleeve. Also, you will stay in the hospital for the first two to three days after having this procedure.

after Gastric Sleeve Operation

1. The person should drink plenty of water after Gastric Sleeve surgery.
2. Stay away from drinks that contain gas or sugar.
3. It is recommended to have nutritional supplements that contain vitamins and calcium for a month after the operation.
4. Continue to avoid smoking for two months after the operation, for it reduces oxygen rate in the blood, needed for convalescent and recovery.
5. Follow a healthy diet determined by a nutritionist to get healthy and balanced food that contains proteins.
6. Drink fluids exclusively, only in the first week.
7. It is recommended to exercise two weeks after the Gastric Sleeve operation.