What’s a Hollywood smile

This is a dental cosmetic procedure in which veneers or crowns are attached to the front teeth in case they are broken, crooked or misshaped.

Veneers are replaced to improve a smile, creating a perfect set of teeth as often seen on Hollywood celebrities.

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How is Hollywood Smile Done?

A Hollywood smile is a full dental makeover process that aims to re-adjust, alture and renew dental appearance to fit for a brighter and aligned smile. We define the Hollywood smile process in 4 stages. It starts with a dentist consultation to determine the materials to choose, the appearance and the color. The dentist will direct your choices for a solution that suits your case.

Next, you will come back for the first session for trimming and making an impression for the laboratory to work on. Also, you will be giving temporary veneers for a couple of days until your new teeth are ready. After 4-5 days, it depends, you will come back for a second session where the dentist will bond your new veneers and fit your new smile. Last but not least, you will go back to normality after consulting with your dentist for advice and life hacks to maintain your Hollywood smile.

Taking Care of your Hollywood Smile

Taking care of your Hollywood Smile involves the usual dental hygiene routine, such as daily brushing and cleaning. It is also recommended to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

When you receive your Veneers for the final fitting, the doctor will provide pieces of advice on their care, such as avoiding specific activities which can lead to fractures or de-bonding. Care should be taken when biting solid, hard foods and partaking in contact sports.

Techniques used in preforming Hollywood Smile operation

There are several types of peels used in the process of the Hollywood Smile operation. The most important ones are:
• Veneers Peels: One of the latest and most modern dental peels used in the Hollywood Smile operation. Veneers are suitable for all kinds of teeth. The doctor places them over the original teeth.
• Porcelain Peels: Porcelain ceramic peels are placed over the internal teeth. It is made of metal, and it works on improving the appearance and shape of the patient’s teeth and return them to their original appearance.
• Zirconia Peels: Zirconia laser peels are applied to the internal teeth. It is used to correct and modify broken teeth.